About Morgan

As an only child, Morgan, born in rural North Carolina, was raised with strong values of God, family and community. At the tender age of 4, moving to a city and away from family was not easy for Morgan to accept. So to help her adjust to “city life”, Morgan’s parents began to search for a “little bit of country”. That “little bit of country” was found in Franklin County during a visit to a co-worker’s home, Red Hill Farm. The wide open spaces and numerous farm animals was all the little girl from Warren County needed. It was at Red Hill Farm where Morgan experienced her first horseback ride. Little Man, a 30 year old quarter horse, was perfect for a young girl’s first ride. Morgan’s love for horses began that day and visits to the Red Hill Farm became a regular event in the Dillard household. It was no surprise the owners of Red Hill Farm, Bro and Ann Bragg, soon become Morgan’s “adopted” grandparents and spending weekends with them just seemed natural.

The Bragg’s taught Morgan all aspects of farm life and Morgan absorbed it all, especially information on the horses. Under Ann’s guidance, Morgan began to learn western pleasure horsemanship for the show arena. The many long days of sweat and tears were rewarded when Morgan won High Point Youth Award her first year, showing a young horse named Jessie’s Lil’ Sue (Ginger). Morgan continued to study all she could find on Natural Horsemanship. The knowledge Morgan obtained allowed her to train her own young quarter horse, Banjo’s Prissy Solano and they began competing in the North Carolina Quarter Horse Association during Morgan’s senior year of high school. It was during that year Morgan knew she wanted a career that included horses.

After high school, Morgan traveled away from home and trained intensely for 3 years in Natural Horsemanship. She even took it one step further to learn about Natural Hoof care and trims her own horses. In June 2007 at the age of 20, Morgan established Carolina Horsemanship and began conducting public clinics, private mini clinics and private lessons in Natural Horsemanship. Thus Morgan had begun her career with horses, sharing her knowledge with others. On October 27, 2007, Morgan married Shane Harris of Warren County and they reside in Inez, NC. So the little girl that left rural Warren County all those many years ago, has returned home to a life she always wanted….a life with horses.

Morgan’s goal is to assist you in safely building a foundation of respect and control to enhance the relationship between you and your horse. Don’t miss the opportunity for a “Seeing Eye to Eye” learning experience. Call Morgan to begin your journey today.

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