Emily Olson, Apprentice

I was born and raised in Upstate Massena, New York. I grew up outside of town in a Log house with my parents Michael and Carol Olson, my older brother Christopher, and younger brother Justin. My parents built a 5 stall barn, which became a “Hobby Farm” that held not only horses but various other farm animals such as, sheep, goats, miniature donkeys, a pig, geese, swans, peacocks, chickens, dogs, and cats.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time outdoors. In the summer you would find me in the woods with my brothers and cousins, out in the pasture around the horses, out at the pond catching frogs, or out in the yard playing with the dogs and cats.

During the winter seasons I would be outside playing in the snow, sledding, or ice skating on our pond. I have always had horses in my life, and grew up trail riding with my family.  My mother taught me all that she learned growing up about horses, and about riding. My junior year of High school, I finally took my first English riding lesson however, and for two summers I took lessons with Miranda Bradley at Plumbrook Pony Farm, a Hunter/Jumper facility that had recently opened near Massena.

Alongside my love of horses, I also loved to swim and grew up swimming in a river by my house with my family. I started my first swim lesson when I was 13 however, and began swimming competitive in 7th grade. I continued on with swimming for 9 years, through to my Junior year at College. I was also a lifeguard at the Town Beach in Massena and worked for the AEIOU Club in Massena teaching swim lessons to kids anywhere from ages 5-7 and up. Although swimming took up a majority of my time, my Love of horses is what directed me to Morrisville State College, located in Morrisville, NY. There, I majored in the Equine Science and Management Program, focusing in Western Specialization, Breaking and Training. My Junior and Senior year at Morrisville State College, I was a member of the IHSA Western Pleasure Riding Team, and was qualified for the Regional Finals my senior year.

One major requirement for graduating with a Bachelor in the Equine Program, was to complete a 15 credit hour internship focusing on my degree, and was to be equivalent to a 40 hour work week. It was during this search that I found Morgan Dillard Harris at Carolina Horsemanship. After a weekend visit and participation in a Natural Horsemanship Clinic with Morgan, I decided to return to North Carolina in January 2009 to begin my Internship. In May 2009, I returned back home to graduate from Morrisville State College with a Bachelors Degree in Equine Science and Management, Western Specialization. After graduation,  I returned to North Carolina to continue studying with Morgan and to increase my knowledge of the horse training industry.

“This experience has helped to solidify my plans for the future in every aspect possible. If you are interested in learning about Natural Horsemanship Training, this is an excellent opportunity for anyone to take! My goal is to learn all that Morgan has to teach me and head back North to New York to start my own business in the horse training industry back home.”

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