Deana Ayers, Youngsville, NC
Morgan was a life line for me & Stormy. Trying to get her to load was such a pain that I avoided taking her anywhere. Not to mention how much of a pain she was on the trail. But, after just a few lessons with Morgan, I have the perfect horse. Well, I think so anyway. Morgan is very patient with both horse and owner. I would look forward to our sessions because I knew each lesson was another opened door for both of us. Morgan has given me the tools I need to develop a bond with my horse that I thought was impossible to have.
Thank you Morgan


Lynnette Bradley, Whitakers, NC
On a trail ride last year, my Quarter horse, Winston flipped over with me on his back crushing my confidence and making him spooky. Things went from bad to worse as Winston started to be disrespectful and pushy and I got more scared. I knew I needed help and I called Morgan.

Morgan has been an inspiration to us both. She has and is teaching us both to be respectful of each other…through weekly lessons on Natural Horsemanship. After the first lesson on ground work, Winston changed his attitude and has been making lots of progress. We are now taking riding lessons with Morgan and I look forward to our lessons each week.

Morgan is a great communicator, not only with the horse but humans as well. If I have a problem in between lessons I only have to give her a call and she will talk me through it. Morgan truly is a Godsend to both of us. And I can’t thank her enough for her patience and understanding.


Dinah Davis, Highlands, NC

Dear Morgan:

Just a note to thank you again for the wonderful training Apollo received during his eight weeks at your “boarding school,” as my daughter refers to it. He has now been home six weeks. In that time, we have changed barns and attended three shows in three different venues. Through it all, Apollo has been so calm and well behaved. We are so pleased with him. He definitely has the best ground manners of any of the horses at either of our barns. He has gone from being unpredictable and spooky even at home to being calm and trustworthy even in unfamiliar places.

As you know, my daughter wanted to show him as a hunter. We had lost our faith in him because he had a tendency to spook and run off. At our last two shows, he has been the calmest horse there. He comes to the table with energy for his jumping rounds, but isn’t excited or difficult when it is not his turn in the course.

Yesterday, I took him as lead horse on a long ride on a new trail with my daughter and her friend. Apollo was great. He was totally under control. When we came up to boats in the water and on the shore of the lake he just looked at them and went on. Old tires by the side of the road – no problem. I did get off and lead him across a wooden bridge he had not seen before, but I feel confident he will cross it next time. I am so happy with him. I am no longer afraid that he is going to take advantage of my (lack of) riding ability. I may end up keeping him for myself and getting my daughter another horse to jump.

We have also put your techniques to work on our nine year old mare. Her trailer loading and her ground manners have improved dramatically from even our amateurish training. She has been a beginner horse and allowed to get away with a lot of bad behaviors. But we are finding that just fifteen minutes of ground work, prior to a ride, does wonders for her attitude.

Working with you has been an absolute pleasure, Morgan. I enjoyed my three trips up to Warrenton for my own training. In your straightforward and kind way, you taught me a lot about training and riding in those several days. Since I hadn’t really ridden much in thirty years, it did wonders for my confidence.

I also appreciated your availability to help us by phone when we first had Apollo home and were having trouble properly executing some of the training methods. I am sure we are still not doing everything perfectly, but we are really enjoying this horse. Since we were ready to give up on him before we sent him to you, we are so grateful and thankful that we found you!

With warm regards,
Dinah Davis


Judy Ratcliffe, Scottsville, Virginia

I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did on training my horse, Kricket. I was very pleased and amazed with the transformation when I picked her up, and still pleased that several days later she is still behaving properly.

When I sent her to you for training, she was very disrespectful, rearing and running over you to get where she wanted to go. She ran people out of her stall, she reared and struck out at the farrier or tried to lay down on him. If you walked in the pasture with her you risked getting kicked as she ran past you and kicked out. If you tried to brush her or pick up her feet she was always trying to nip or just go where she wanted. In general, she was impossible to deal with and unsafe.

When I came to pick her up after training, I went in to the field with her and she came up to me and lowered her head to be scratched. She no longer had the mischievous look in her eye. During our training lesson, I could see how she was focused on you and trying to please. She was a joy to ride and I couldn’t believe she was the same horse.

When we got home, I rode her in my ring and she behaved beautifully, cantering and trotting and stopping perfectly. When I was leading her back to the barn, my other horse galloped along the fence bucking and kicking, I was worried about Kricket’s reaction, but she walked quietly beside me into the barn where I unsaddled her and she focused on me instead of her pasture mates outside. If this had happened before training she would have reared and tried to get away from me.

So I thank you again for the amazing job you did with Kricket, and would highly recommend you. I urge other horse owners who may have a difficult horse, to send them to you for training so that they too can enjoy their horse as much as I am now enjoying mine.


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